Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Road Trip

Tomorrow I'm heading out of town, once again. Time for the brother to go back to school. We'll make it to La Crosse, WI for the night and then be at the dorm when it opens on Friday at noon. Even though I was off on Monday, I am really looking forward to being out of the office!

I met the former lady of my house last Saturday night. Jeremy and I had already met the man who used to live in our house but this past weekend was the first chance to meet his (better) half. She, too, is obsessed with all things U.K., so we got along famously. The next door neighbor's house is up for sale and there is no fence dividing our yard from theirs... We are a bit nervous about who may end up buying the house but will just have to hope for the best. We looked into the cost of a fence (chain link- nothing fancy, mind you!) and have decided not to spend nearly $2,000 to separate ourselves from the newbies before we even meet them. Does everything have to be so freaking expensive??!

Waiting for a phone call from a friend in the rental car biz to tell me how to handle my situation with the van for this trip... Wasn't planning to honestly share with the company where I intend to take it... but might have to amend that plan based on what he says. Fingers crossed that any last minute change won't increase the cost by more than $50. (GULP!)

So- nothing exciting. Just saying hi! Must do some work now since it is my Friday!!