Monday, August 14, 2006

Vocal Stress...

Yes, my friends, I am a total freak! I couldn't contain my excitement last night at the Idols concert and was screaming and shrieking like a hormonal teenager when Taylor finally appeared at the end of an entertaining show. I actually may have hurt myself yelling "Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!!!" I was so hyper I couldn't sleep well at all and have been working through the Monday tasks in a complete fog. So worth every penny! (And I am NOT a concert-goer...) From his wacky dancing, great singing, guitar and harmonica playing... Taylor Hicks is the whole package. Sometimes I regret that I'm already married.

Anyway! I'll turn to another topic before I get myself too nutty for work.

Yesterday I had a few moments of success during my softball game in the afternoon. I actually caught a ball thrown in from the outfield and got the key 3rd out at home, preventing a runner from scoring. It was amazing. Right after that, I was up at bat and hat a legitimate hit! In fact, I was advised to run to 2nd base! Given that I never make it to 1st, let alone anything beyond, I had run quite far past the base and then hesitated before making an absurd loop toward 2nd. So, after my glorious hit, I managed to find myself out at 1st anyway when I tried to scramble back there. Still, I felt super cool for a few moments. Despite my idiocy (since I fully knew I wasn't fast enough to try for another base), our team won and will wrap up the season next Sunday. I suppose after that, Jeremy and I will return to being Christians.

5 o'clock... and all is... Well, I get to head home at any rate.


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