Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Funk

What a week it has been...

The Sloppy Joes lost all 3 games Tuesday night to a team that hadn't won any games before challenging us. To add insult to injury, this may be the end of the Joes since everyone has generously offered to be a sub for indoor fall ball, but no one will hand over any money or commit to playing on a weekly basis. Hopefully we can find some new volleyball pals before the registration time expires but I am not feeling too hopeful.

At least we have one team sport to look forward to in September- softball. We have been playing in the brutal heat every weekend this summer but had decided not to continue with our current team. We were hoping to find a team closer to home and play during the week and, not only does this team satisfy these requirements, it's absolutely FREE!

Last night we played tennis with Mark and Elle. By the time all 4 of us were finally at the court, we had about 30 minutes of light; despite that, we played for almost an hour. There is something to be said for the adrenaline rush of a tennis ball flying by your head in semi-darkness! I am happy to report I have no new bruises. *Playing against Mark, this is noteworthy!

Tonight we will be entertaining Jeremy's parents and youngest brother. Jason is going to spend the night and Jeremy will have one last chance to impart some brotherly words of advice before Jason is off to college. I will have to hold my tongue and continue to hope that he ends up proving my predictions wrong! The boys are going fishing tomorrow- something I will avoid only by going to a baby shower I had seriously considered skipping. *sigh*

The invitation actually instructs us not to buy clothes... which would have robbed me of my only enjoyment with respect to this little party. I just didn't enjoy being told what to buy and where to buy it so I bought the cutest little outfit and am including the gift receipt. What she does with my gift is fine with me.

The highlight of my weekend, by far, will be... the American Idols concert Sunday! I cannot wait!!! I am still fostering a sick hope that I will get to meet Taylor Hicks. MMMMMMM...... So anyway, Sunday feels like a lifetime away, but I will keep myself as busy as possible until it is finally here.

Yikes- the evil work eyes landed on me. 4 hours left of my work week- better get to it!


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