Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dear Blog:

Aha! She's back...

Poor Jer's job search continues and I am quite frustrated with the lack of progress. This has been going on since December! I want to believe there is a great opportunity just around the corner, but there is no basis for this belief. In the meantime, we have been able to take a few significant steps with respect to our house goals. For instance, we have finally purchased bedroom furniture. We are so excited!! We had to laugh, though, when we realized that our bedroom furniture is the exact style as our dining room furniture. Apparently we only like one look? Then, in looking at pictures of the other pieces offered in the same style, we were amused/disturbed to see that our living room looks very similar to the one in the brochure. Ah, yes. We really went out on a limb!

In other news, I may be posting updates more regularly soon. We are going to (gasp!) get the internet at HOME. At the end of the month we will be buying a laptop. Who knows what will come next?

We recently went to a family reunion in Pennsylvania and managed to visit 3 State Capitols on that trip, the most impressive of which was Charleston, W.V. (Sorry Indy and Columbus!) Unfortunately, the crazy storms that ripped through St. Louis the night before we left prevented my family from joining us on the trip... They were without power for 5 days and had to use our house as a cooling center. Ill-timed storms considering the 100+ temps! When we returned, I was rather delighted to discover my office had been without power so I didn't have to use any vacation days for the trip. Not only that, the power did not come back on for 4 more days; in total, I ended up with an extra 6 days of paid time off! Yay, storms!

I removed an enormous stack of papers from one of the attorney's offices without her knowledge or express permission... so I should probably get to organizing that before she realizes how much is missing. I would rather get "caught" helping her than blogging.

Good bye for now, my long-lost friend...


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