Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Random thoughts- Just typing the title of this blog has me reminiscing about one of my favorite shows by that name. I watched that gameshow religiously when I lived in U.K. It was one of the top things I missed when I was forced to return... Not at all the same, I have been playing online Scrabble and finally trying to puzzle out some Sudoku in the Post. Countdown is a lovely balance between words and numbers... but I never could figure out the conundrum!

So... recently on Administrative Professional's Day, my office gave me flowers, a nice card and a $5 gift card for Maggie Moo's. At my earliest opportunity, I walked to MM's for an ice cream float, which made me very happy. I read an interesting article on food addiction and how binging on sugar actually reshapes one's brain and creates a dependency on sugar and need for more and more... I can personally attest to this vicious cycle. I was doing so well, too, about going regularly to work out and I had wonderful plans... that have since fallen by the wayside while I sit on my couch eating Mud Pies every evening (an ice cream Starbucks treat straight from the gods). I can see how what I do could fall under the addiction category... but I don't know if pursuing a healthy lifestyle is as exciting as Mud Pie.

I went to see one of my pregnant friends last night- she'll only last about 2 more weeks before her twins are born. Crazy!! Makes my life feel a tiny bit lonely and empty, although I haven't had any time to even think these thoughts lately as I have been rushing about! My sand volleyball team, the Sloppy Joes, have lost all but the very first game and last night were completely annihilated, which was frustrating. Regardless, we are signing up for the next session to continue the losing streak. It is, after all, fun to get out there and yell at people. How else am I to unleash my frustrations? Besides, all of my shows are ending so I won't have much else to do.

Go Taylor Hicks! All the people who say he can't sing are simply jealous of his talent!

So... the countdown to our next American Idol, our next America's Next Top Model, the return of Jack on DOOL, our next win in volleyball, 5 p.m. today... is ON!

And the countdown for you all until my fabulous return has come to a satisfying end. 'Til next time...