Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh the weather outside...

... is frightful. Not really- but it is snowing for the first time all winter. We have had flakes, and even white on the trees, before now but this is the first snow that is sticking to the roads. It would be truly exciting if I WERE HOME right now, curled up with a steaming cup of marshmallows atop some creamy chocolate... Instead, I sit- waiting for the attorneys to show. It must be nice to work for oneself and just drop in to the office whenever the mood strikes. I think that will be among my goals for the future!

In other news, the current temperature of 32 is making me anxious to leave for Vegas on Saturday morning. I have been promised sunny skies and 70s.

Currently I am reading Freakonomics and it is fascinating. I recommend it to all as it is very entertaining and educational. What a combo! Speaking of... I think I may read until one of my employers decides to work today.


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