Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Mourning

Weekends move at a different pace than the weekdays... I have started reading Freakonomics, which is wildly fascinating, and I believe that this aforementioned difference is a perfect subject for study by the authors of Freakonomics. At any rate, after some last-minute arrangements, Jeremy and I entertained Merl over the weekend. We walked to Bread Co. for dinner Friday and then to Pietros for dessert- I LOVE living in a neighborhood that has places to go within walking distance!!!

After playing cards until 3 a.m., Merl didn't wake until noon on Saturday. This was wonderful because I awoke at 9 and had a few hours of forced quiet in the house, reading and drinking coffee. Ah!! As soon as Merl woke up, we were off to the Bread Co. again- poor deprived soul doesn't have a Bread Co.!!! We visited Tarbucks and, sadly, had to part ways. Can you believe it- I'm not Merl's only friend?!

The Toboggan hat belongs to Merl... I really wanted to keep it! Cute, huh?

And suddenly it is Monday once again. I am not thrilled with this reality. I don't want to sit here all day wishing I were elsewhere but those are the breaks. I have so much to do... so I think I will start by making my packing list for the big weekend in Vegas! Nothing helps an "old married couple" celebrate Valentines Day more than a weekend with friends in Vegas full of gambling and smutty shows!


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