Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rhasaan Orange from Days of Our Lives Posted by Picasa

Rhasaan, a.k.a. T.E.K., the ladies' man! Posted by Picasa

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Vegas Delights and Delays

We survived another trip to Sin City. Jeremy and Chad flew gliders while the girls went to a Women's Fair at South Coast Casino where we saw a preview of Thunder From Down Under and met Rhasaan Orange who plays T.E.K. on Days of Our Lives. It was an eventful Saturday! Marty Amiott, from Thunder, was very nice. He spoke with us a couple times at the casino and actually remembered us when we saw him after the show that night.

We should have flown out at 7:45 p.m. Monday evening, but our flight was delayed and we didn't actually start boarding until 9:15 or so. Instead of arriving home at 1 a.m., we didn't get in until closer to 3. We barely made it to bed by 4 a.m. and then had to be up a couple hours later for work. Yesterday was not the definition of production on my end!

That should be the last of our Vegas experiences for quite a while now. Next time we see Chad, Elena and Daniella, they will live in California.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh the weather outside...

... is frightful. Not really- but it is snowing for the first time all winter. We have had flakes, and even white on the trees, before now but this is the first snow that is sticking to the roads. It would be truly exciting if I WERE HOME right now, curled up with a steaming cup of marshmallows atop some creamy chocolate... Instead, I sit- waiting for the attorneys to show. It must be nice to work for oneself and just drop in to the office whenever the mood strikes. I think that will be among my goals for the future!

In other news, the current temperature of 32 is making me anxious to leave for Vegas on Saturday morning. I have been promised sunny skies and 70s.

Currently I am reading Freakonomics and it is fascinating. I recommend it to all as it is very entertaining and educational. What a combo! Speaking of... I think I may read until one of my employers decides to work today.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Mourning

Weekends move at a different pace than the weekdays... I have started reading Freakonomics, which is wildly fascinating, and I believe that this aforementioned difference is a perfect subject for study by the authors of Freakonomics. At any rate, after some last-minute arrangements, Jeremy and I entertained Merl over the weekend. We walked to Bread Co. for dinner Friday and then to Pietros for dessert- I LOVE living in a neighborhood that has places to go within walking distance!!!

After playing cards until 3 a.m., Merl didn't wake until noon on Saturday. This was wonderful because I awoke at 9 and had a few hours of forced quiet in the house, reading and drinking coffee. Ah!! As soon as Merl woke up, we were off to the Bread Co. again- poor deprived soul doesn't have a Bread Co.!!! We visited Tarbucks and, sadly, had to part ways. Can you believe it- I'm not Merl's only friend?!

The Toboggan hat belongs to Merl... I really wanted to keep it! Cute, huh?

And suddenly it is Monday once again. I am not thrilled with this reality. I don't want to sit here all day wishing I were elsewhere but those are the breaks. I have so much to do... so I think I will start by making my packing list for the big weekend in Vegas! Nothing helps an "old married couple" celebrate Valentines Day more than a weekend with friends in Vegas full of gambling and smutty shows!

The Toboggan Hat Posted by Picasa