Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thank heaven for...

...little girls! Just read that in an email, actually. Anne is having twin girls!! Not me, but my friend Anne. She and her husband are dark-haired and gorgeous so these girls are starting out with some major advantages, if you ask me! In other twin news, my friend's brother and his wife just had twins, also girls. Very cute- checked out the website earlier. Shopping tonight so I may be forced to pick up some pink things!

Care to weigh in on who is better/cuter to shop for? Girls v. Boys- let me know!! I thought this was a no-brainer before getting to see the boy wonder who belongs to our friends in the murder mystery pic (see Bookers and Johnsons). They have the greatest stuff for him! At 2, he is already quite the little athlete. I no longer know the answer!!


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