Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slowly but surely!

I am getting a bit better with the blogs. I can never hope to be as cool as Fred, but that was never my intention!

Saturday we went to a Chinese New Year Knox alum event and it was awesome!! The hosts' home is so amazing, it truly defies all explanations. Jeremy and I were lamenting over how small our home is that very morning and just as we were making peace with it once again, we walked into the gorgeous mansion for the party and now we are scrambling to figure out what jobs we need to get into such a home... Several people were there and it was a relief to talk with a recent alum who currently works in the Admission Office because I now know that I am not alone in my perception about the requirements for that position. This young woman is frustrated by the time commitment and finds living in Galesburg as a working adult to be nothing like living in Galesburg as a college student. It's nice to feel validated!

In just a week and a half, we'll be back in Vegas!! One of the attorneys was bragging last Friday about how he and his wife were taking their son to Vegas for the weekend for his 21st birthday. I mentioned that we would be there (again!) in just a couple weeks. (*So there!)

January is already over... Hard to believe! I suppose it is time to address some of the resolutions I had in mind for the year. Slowly but surely....


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